Meet Preston…


Preston James, the 23-year-old country music artist hailing from Cheatham County, Tennessee, has captivated audiences with his authentic Southern charm and soulful voice. Signed as a songwriter to King Pen Music/Warner Chappell, Preston is sure to make waves in the country music scene.

His debut EP, “White Trash From Wayback,” is set to release in 2024 and promises a blend of honest lyrics and southern melodies that reflect his rural roots. Preston’s music not only showcases his strong voice but also narrates the stories of small-town life, love, and the unique experiences that shaped his journey.

With a genuine passion for storytelling through song, Preston James is destined to leave his own mark on the country music landscape, connecting with listeners through the timeless tales woven into each track. Keep an ear out for this rising star as he takes the stage and shares the soulful sounds of Cheatham County with the world.